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The University at Buffalo Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic

Communication and Assistive Device Laboratory (CADL)

CDS Labs

CADL Website: http://cadl.buffalo.edu
CEAC Website: http://ubceac.org
email: ubceac.buffalo.edu
phone: 716.929.2797 x633
Director: Jeff Higginbotham, Ph.D.
Room: 106 Cary Hall

The CADL is dedicated to research and the clinical application of augmentative communication technologies for severely communicatively handicapped persons. The laboratory facilities include several microcomputers adapted for augmentative communication and assessment, a number of special-purpose electronic and communication aids, software, adaptive equipment, and pertinent literature. Current research in the CADL involves studies of keystroke efficiency of adapted word-processing systems, effects of different communication devices on social interaction and discourse processes, social perceptions of augmentative communicators and their partners, and development of software applications for augmentative communicators.

CADL is a part of the The Center for Excellence in Augmented Communication (CEAC), which is dedicated to the provision of state-of-the-art services to persons with complex communication needs and committed to conducting and actively supporting relevant research, training, and client/family advocacy.

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Artwork by Michael Morgulis

For more information, call (716-829-2797) or email (cdsdept@buffalo.edu)